Lola Festival

Hindsight Video

Client: Deutsche Filmakademie
Camera: Katharina Tress
Editing: The Screeners


Since three years now I am working for the German Film Academy, video documenting their many events throughout the year. One of those events is the Lola Festival, a festival introducing the nominees for the German Film Price. I collect impressions of the festival itself, but als documenting their panel discussions. Another event I regularly document is Mein Film (My film) where the German Film Academy invites prominent people of all areas but film, such as politicians, journalists and musicians to talk about and show their favourite film.


Mein Film

Event Documentation - 12/2017
Camera: Katharina Tress
Edit: Katharina Tress

TRIFF DIE REGISSEURE - Kategorie Bester Spielfilm | LOLA FESTIVAL 2018

Event Documentation - 5/2018
Camera: Katharina Tress
Edit: Katharina Tress

Lola Festival 2017

Event Documentation - 5/2017
Camera: Katharina Tress
Edit: The Screeners